The PRIMES© RMS is a breakthrough product that helps hoteliers increase their revenue easily without any refurbs, capex, or cash outlay. By combining cutting-edge science and a simple-to-use interface, PRIMES gives you the power to get the most value out of your rooms, 365 days a year. Our customers experience double-digit YoY growth using our software, and we make it our business to ensure their success. Contact us today to see how we can help you!
PRIMES© will optimize your revenue
and make you #1 in your comp set!

Software Features

Groundbreaking AI Engine

Normal revenue management systems are great at creating reports that show data. PRIMES goes one step further and tells you what to DO with that data and how to action it. Imagine - real, actionable tasks that will increase your bottom line!

Free Rate Shopping Feed

PRIMES includes an industry-first Rate Shopping feed built right into the software at no extra cost! You can now see what your competitors are charging every day of the year for any OTA channels you want!

Increase RevPAR 12%

Our clients saw an average 12% YoY RevPAR increase in the first year using the PRIMES system in 2013. You can expect the same returns at your property - start implementing today!

Smartphone & Tablet Compatible

Empower your sales people to make instant decisions and negotiate contracts in real-time! Our software is designed for use with all the latest technology to help you respond faster than the competition!

Customer Support

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